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Now you can share your special day with classmates, friends, and family. The wedding photos on this site are high resolution so they can be displayed in a larger format, downloaded, or printed out on photo paper. We hope you enjoy this enhancement of the Tufts Magazine Online website.

Sossaman & McShane
Christine Sossaman, J94, wed Matthew McShane on June 10 in Amherst, MA. The couple currently resides in Philadelphia.

Torres & Leon
Maria “Maggie” Torres, J94, wed Reynaldo Leon on July 3, 2005, in Peabody, MA. She was given away by her son, Kendrick, a graduate of the Tufts Educational Day Care Center.

Jones & Webb
Laurel Jones, J95, wed Basil Webb on January 13. The couple resides in western Colorado.

Gardner & Spencer
Juliane Gardner, J97, wed Scott Spencer on March 18 in New Jersey. Jumbos in attendance included, from left: Meredith Gardner Rubenzahl, J91; Eliot Rubenzahl, A95; Lindsay Weil, J97; Alexandra Gardner Fern, J93; Elan Kandel, J97; bride, groom, Rachel Kopiec Albert, J97; and Amy Stern Schrieber, J97. The couple resides in Manhattan.

Hassell & Simon
David Hassell, E98, wed Jessie Simon on June 10 in Stockbridge, MA. Jumbos in attendance included, from left: Maya Rom, J01; Ittai Korin, E97; Christine Sethna, Jonathan Sethna, A97; David Falkenstern, E97; groom, bride, Art Trapotsis, E96, G99; Jeff Marois, E99; and Kraig Parkinson, E98. The couple is moving to San Francisco this fall.

Kim & Kwon
Julie Kim, E98, wed Lawrence Kwon, A99, on October 8, 2005, in Tarrytown, NY. Jumbos in attendance included, from left: Julie Lee, J99; Susan Kim, J98; bride, Jordan Kaye, A98; Jocelyn Kaley, J00; Heiji Choy Black, A00; Joanne Suk, J00; groom, Jay Lifton, A96; Catherine Ho, J93; Doug Gordon, A96; Amy Birnbaum, J97; Dr. Adam Klein, A94; Michael Friedland, A00; Michael Neary, A02; Kevin Truong, A01; Dr. Howard Chung, E71, E74; Zac Eller, A97; James Perry, E95; Ethan Karp, E99; Chandler Wells, A98; Jonathan Kaye, A93; Dr. Jennifer Leng, J93, M98; and John Clark, A94. The couple resides in NYC.

Lynch & Hennessy
Jaime Lynch, J98, wed John Hennessy on October 1, 2005, in Watertown, MA. Jumbos in attendance included, back row from left: Jen Fogelson Berenson, J97; Sara Klainer, J98; groom, Melissa Sparks Kapeckas, J97; Mandy Butterfield Chapman, J97; Scott Berenson, A98; Arianna Herzer Stein, J97; and Josh Stein, A98, M02; front row from left: Dawn Morrill Wilson, J97; bridesmaid Lee Iacopucci-Nixon, J98; bride, Crystal Chow, J98; Jessica Schupak, J98; and Ky Nguyen, A98. The couple resides in Watertown, MA.

Schwartz & Schwartz
Cindy Schwartz, J98, wed Daniel Schwartz, A98, on August 27, 2005, in Rye, NY. Jumbos in attendance included, back row from left: Jaren Townshend, A98; Jerome Lebleu, A99; Alvin Haruthunian, A98; Sam Zabala, A96; Will Cruse, A98; Dave Gillespie, E98; and Paul Roer, A96; middle row from left: Robert Hassimi, D98; Adam Schrier, A95; Linda Bentley Gillespie, J98; Jaesung Coue, A96; Ramsay Gordon, A98; Paul Samala, A98; Jackie Okin Barney, J99; Diane Lee, J99; Nancy Maserejian Chagnon, J98; Craig Kalkut, A98; Maral Jeknavorian Regas, J99; and Jon Ben-Zvi, A99; front row from left: Carolyn Levy Shrier, J98; Emily Ehrenberg Blumberg, J98; Amanda Donahue LeBleu, J98; groom, bride, Christina Jordan, J98; Lisa Schubert, J98; and Joanne Brady, J98. The couple resides in NYC.

Finkelstein & Wolman
Rachel Finkelstein, A02, wed Daniel Wolman, A02, on September 18, 2005, in Bensalem, PA. Jumbos in attendance included, back row from left: Paul DeGeorge, E01; bride, groom, Joshua Weisstuch, A03; and bridesmaid Erica Goldberg, A02; front row from left: Dena Wigder, A03; Erika Martin, A03; Sarah Wasch, A02; and Sarah Siegel, A02.

Fish & Sobey
Jordana Fish, A02, MUSEUM03, wed Steven Sobey, A02, G03, M07, on June 5, 2005, in Huntington, NY. Jumbos in attendance included, back row from left: Rose Chaffee, A03; Jacob Cohen, A03; Daniel Callahan, A02; David Pistrang, A04; Kurt Bruch, E04; Robert French, M07; David Friedman, E02, G04; and Kevin Reade, E02; middle row from left: Grace Hollister, A02; Abigail Noble, A02; Joan Vollero, A02; Eric Tjonahen, A02, M08; Annemarie Braun, E03; Kate Meirdiercks, E02; Mark McClain, M07; and Don Kirton, M07; front row from left: Stephanie Glass, A03; bride, groom, Allison Clear, A02; Victoria Stein, A02; Shula Waldoks, A03; and Inbal Samin, A02. The couple resides in Boston.

Goldberg & Beaser
Andrea Goldberg, A02, Eliot-Pearson04, wed Michael Beaser, A02, on July 9 in Bedford, NH. Jumbos in attendance included, back row from left: Kathryn Ohle, Eliot-Pearson04, and Elana Kaufman, Eliot-Pearson 04; fourth row from left: Rumeli Banik, A02; Chau Hua, A02; Sarah Stroback, A03; Larissa Kenny,Eliot-Pearson03; Bobby Osterhoff, M07; Kevin Ollington, M07; Paula Romero, A02; and Donald Tye, A73; third row from left: Nathaniel Sznycer-Taub, A02; Guy Del Vecchio, E02; Neil Taylor, A02; David Stein, A02; Lisa Fanjoy, A03; Khoa Tran, A02; Ann Motl, J01; Katie Goldberg, A02; Jon Smith, A02; Scott Taylor, A02; and Will Browder, A02; second row from left: Seth Nelson, A02; Sarah Vivenzio, A02; Amee Shah, A02; Michael Macgregor, A02; Jon Japha, A02; Jessica Bowes, A02; Sarah Lyman, A02; and Liz Monnin, A03; front row from left: groom, bride, and Michael Feldman, A02. The couple resides in Brookline, MA.

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